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Data from a drug and alcohol test in San Jose, CA.

Drug Testing and Pre-Employment Screening in San Jose, CA

Mobile alcohol and drug testing services make post-incident testing, pre-employment and employee screening in San Jose, CA, far more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. Clear Choice Systems mobile offers drug and alcohol testing service and specialize in on-site mobile drug and alcohol testing at your location and on your schedule.

Testing Simplified

At Clear Choice Systems we understand that drug and alcohol testing is necessary and yet extremely sensitive. We pride ourselves on our ability to be discreet. Our mobile staff is fully trained and certified in all aspects of drug and alcohol testing. You can depend on complete professionalism and confidentiality throughout the drug and alcohol testing process.

We adhere to strict laboratory protocol and procedures ensuring accuracy and defensibility in the drug and alcohol testing process. All positive tests are confirmed by GC/MS technology at a SAMSA certified laboratory. Our services are available 24/7 throughout Northern California, so you can rest assured we're always available to get accurate results and protect your bottom line.

Pre-Employment Screening

This is by far the most common type of drug test used by businesses. Our pre-employment screening has the advantage of being inexpensive since only one test per employee needs to be paid for by the company. Some organizations have a witness in the room at the time of the testing, but the privacy implications of this, as well as the potential for shy bladder syndrome, limits the use of witnesses outside jails and drug treatment programs. Companies and testing centers that do not use witnesses normally disconnect sources of water from the testing room to discourage dilution, and if there is water in the toilet, it is dyed blue. Other countermeasures, such as making the donor change into a gown, may also be used.

Random Drug Testing

This is both the most effective drug deterrence method and the most controversial type of drug testing. In the United States, random drug testing is used by a growing number of corporations, drug rehab centers, prisons, the military, police and fire departments, government agencies, and more recently, schools. This method may also be used on teens by their parents or mandated to be performed at school. The objective of a random drug test is deterrence, as the threat of detection is much higher versus other testing methods. Various random selection methods are used, ranging from drawing names out of a hat to using random number generators. The goal of random drug testing is to discourage drug use among employees, inmates, or students by not telling anyone who or when they are to be tested in advance.

Post-Incident Drug Testing

Post-incident drug testing is not a very commonly administered test compared to the other two, but the financial ramifications of not testing employees after an accident (or other incident) on the job makes this test worthwhile for most businesses. The point of this test is not necessarily to cause the employee to lose his or her job, but rather to protect the company from liability if the individual is under the influence at the time of the accident. If drugs or alcohol are detected in any significant quantity, the argument can be made in court that the individual was intoxicated on the job, and for that reason, the company should not be held liable for injuries sustained by the employee. The goal of these post-incident drug testing is to protect the entity from litigation, so they are only given on an as-needed basis.

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