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Handcuffs and background checks in San Jose, CA.

Civil Record Searches and Background Checks in San Jose, CA

Keep your business and your clients safe and secure when hiring new employees or subcontractors. With Clear Choice Systems, you have access to a variety of civil record searches and background checks in San Jose, CA, to ensure you hire are honest, trustworthy people who will work with your company's best interests at heart. Contact us for more details about our other services, which include DOT screenings and DNA testing. We serve your business by offering a range of services.

Background Check Options

Option 1 
  • County Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor - County Of Residence
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Index Search
Option 2 
  • County Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor - Limit Of 3 Counties
  • Social Security Trace Report
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Index Search
Option 3
  • County Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor - Limit Of 3 Counties
  • Social Security Trace Report
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Index Search
  • Employment Verification - Last Employer
  • Drivers' History Report
*New York State Criminal Report Is Statewide Only

**Financial Administrative Action Reports Include FDIC, FRB, NCUA, OCC & OTS Searches

Other Searches

  • Criminal Record Searches
  • County Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor — Plus Fees
  • Statewide Criminal Report — Plus Fees
  • Federal District Criminal Search Per State or Nationally

    *New York Criminal Report - Includes All Counties

Civil Record Searches

  • County Civil Upper Report — Plus Fees
  • Federal District Civil Search Per State or Nationally
  • Employer, Reference & Education Verifications
  • Employment Verification — Per Employer
  • In-Depth Two Contact
    Professional Level

DOT Interview

  • Reference Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Military Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Landlord Reference

Pre-Employment Screening

Find the right employee for your business. With background checks, pre-employment screening, and drug testing, you avoid problems in the future. We use a variety of systems to determine your potential candidate’s record. This makes your job so much easier. You don’t need to waste time making phone calls, searching through online forms, or ruling out criminal activity because we handle everything for you. In addition, we provide mobile service, which means we can perform drug testing on site. Our goal is to streamline your business and help you succeed. 

Would You Like to Get a DNA Test?

Do you have questions about your child’s paternity? Perhaps, you’d like to see if you’re related to someone else. It’s all in the DNA. The experienced team at our center provides accurate DNA testing to determine paternity, other relations, and biological concerns. For instance, DNA tests are used to determine if you have certain genetic markers that predispose you to health conditions, such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Genetic testing can also reveal if you have inherited certain risk factors from your parents or grandparents, such as different types of cancers and mental illnesses. 

Contact us to schedule mobile drug screenings at your business. We proudly serve clients throughout San Jose and the surrounding areas.